About CaliforniaTruckingInsurance.com

CaliforniaTruckingInsurance.com is the property of the independent insurance brokerage of Athena Insurance and Financial Services.  “Athena Insurance” transportation department is dedicated to the transportation industry and customer support services.


Our Mission is to provide to you with the most competitive quotes available in the market place today. Along with competitive pricing we want to meet or exceed your customer service expectations with prompt, friendly and knowledgeable agents. In order to accomplish our mission it is vital that we have “all” of the underwriting information well in advance of any expiration date or in quoting new business.
” Having ‘bits and pieces’ is a waste of our existing clients’ time, your time and our time…”

Market Appetite

Our Market Appetite ranges from new ventures to National Accounts.  Athena Insurance is licensed in more that half of the States in the U.S. and is expanding it’s operations into other States on a regular basis. Please visit our main site at AthenaInsurance.com/About for a table reference of the States in which are now licensed.


Athena Insurance and Financial Services was established in 1996 by Steve Valencia.  Steve’s background in the insurance industry began in 1980 as that of a Life Insurance agent, Securities Representative and Health Insurance Agent. Steve is the current owner and broker of Athena Insurance and is the lead web master of our WordPress web design department / Division.  More about the web design projects can be found on SValenciaInternational.com and iNeverLogout.com. Thank you for your visit and consideration Kind regards, Steve Valencia